Training Services


Group Classes

Our group classes provide a great and affordable opportunity to challenge yourself and work in a group.  A variety of classes are offered and are open to those of all abilities!

 Fit Camp - Monday & Wednesday 6pm 

A challenging boot camp style worrkout done with interesting circuits, great music, and a high energy setting.

  • 1 month - $60
  • 2 months - $100
  • 3 months $120

 Athletic Alchemy - Tuesday 7pm

An athletically inclined boot camp style workout for those who want to challenge their limits.

  • 1 month - $20

Fat Furnace - Friday Friday 5pm 

It's Friday and it's time to burn some calories!  An intense calorie burning hour that produces results QUICKLY!

  • 1 month - $20

Workout Workshop - Saturday 10am

Learn some new exercises and challenge your body's limits with this fun interactive boot camp style workout.

  • 1 month - $20

Yoga - TBD

Build strength, flexibility and find your mental center in this mixed discipline yoga class for all levels

  • 1 month - $20

1 Month Unlimited Pass to All Classes - $100

Small Group Personal Training

You get the same amazing one-on-one personal training instruction, at a reduced rate. You work with 2-3 other champion participants who are also serious about their goals and work independently on their fitness needs while sharing an instructor. 

2x per week - $200 month/$25 per session
1x per week - $120 month/$30 per session

Individual Personal Training

A one-on-one personal experience tailored to achieve your individual goals.  We talk about what you want to achieve and we work together to make it happen!

Per session - $65


Rock Steady Boxing

The Rock Steady Boxing program gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article - Chin Up

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